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Sat Dec 23 13:41:26 GMT 2006

Hi Irene,

Yes - you will be able to make some kart which can be driven around the
neighbourhood using pedal power etc.
There are two ways I would suggest going about this:
Get an old/second-hand or even new pedal kart etc. This will provide the
wheels and pedals etc. Even a plastic pedal tractor or something which you
could take the parts off and put onto an assembled wooden kart.

There wouldnt be too much work in making a simple wooden kart using some
2x4's as you suggested. The plan of the wooden kart is quite simple -
pretty much like what is on this page (without the engine):

There are more photos of a wooden kart made by a fellow kartbuilder at:
, however I dont have the plans for it. You should be able to get a good
idea from them photos.

Also - if you look in some hobby magazines etc. e.g. practical woodworking
etc. you might be able to see some simple plans for a wooden kart.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to email them to me, and I
will do my best to answer them for you.

Best of Luck and Happy Christmas,

> Hi
> I'm a single mom with two girls - 10 & 12.
> They have become convinced that together, reading directions and figuring
> things out, we can build a simple cool go-kart
> I must admit to being totally intimidated but then again I never thought
> I'd learn to change my own tire and windshield wipers and turn signals
> so.....
> I was looking at your The Most Basic Wooden Kart
> Do you think I stand a chance?
> Is this where you would recommend I begin
> They want to be able to simply ride it around the neighborhood - it's
> understood it wouldn't be for racing or anything insane.  Just fun
> Should I be going for something else like a few 2x4's and modeling it
> after something like the Little Rascals would have made?
> I would so appreciate a reply if you have the time
> Thanks
> Irene

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