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Well I would be looking at Atriculated Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles -
as these use air brakes. Also the handbrakes in modern lorries use air
brakes. They have a cylinder of compressed air with a pressure release
valve to release excess air when the cylinder/ tank fills up. This tank is
topped up off the engine etc.
The disadvantage of this is that if a lorry/ truck is lying up for a while
it may take 5 minutes for the engine to build up enough air for the brakes
to release. Also if the battery is dead - then push starting a lorry may
not work.

This is all the info. I have on air brakes. I hope it helps.
Best of Luck,

On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, GAURAV YADAV wrote:

> Hello sir,
>            I am gaurav from gurgaon (INDIA). I am pursuing my engg degree
> in mechanical i am in final year & i am working on project (DISC IN
> PNEUMATIC IN CARS) as i want to replace hydraulic disc brake in cars by
> pneumatic disc brake but i don`t know the components required and the
> assembly procedure for this. For that i am taking air from the turbocharger
> in cars & used this air to stop the vehicle. As i know very little about
> this so i want your help to make this project. So kindly mail me the
> necessary guidelines about components , working and about assembly procedur
> & how much it cost to me. So sir please help me i am very thankful to you. I
> am waiting for your mail.
> FROM:-

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