[Kartbuilding] Fwd: Go Kart project

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:18:07 IST 2006

Hi Keith,

It seems from your pictures that you already know a thing or two about
making karts. Its a lovely small kart you have built, with a nice
paint job - finshed very well - looking at your photos.
I will put them up on my website under the "Other Peoples Karts"
section and put in your comments on your welding project & spiderman
theme - which is a good idea.
Best of Luck,

> Stephen-
>  Thanks so much for a neat web site, that has given me inspiration towards
> my next go-kart project. I have included 2 photos of the first kart I built
> for my 4 year old, based on a napkin drawing and his love of spider man.
> This project was a blast, and took many, many evenings in my shop, A)
> learning how to mig weld, B) cutting those knobs of weld goo off, C) many
> hours of staring...hoping it would evolve by itself. In the end, the boys
> have really enjoyed the kart, to the point that I cleared another 1/4 acre
> of land for them to have a kart track on. 2 years later, the spiderman
> go-kart is running strong!
>  I found your web site, while searching for ideas for the next one...which
> will be a two seater for him and his little brother.
>  Good luck, I hope you enjoy the photos.
>  Keith / North Carolina

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