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Fri Oct 6 19:39:04 IST 2006


The best and easiest clutch to get is a "centrifical" clutch. This is
an automatic clutch that works based on the speed of the engine.
A chainsaw uses one of these clutches and I modified its clutch to
work on a normal engine driving a kart - there should be no major

Some racing karts have no clutch so you shouldnt need to worry about
wrecking your rear axle or engine.

You could also get one of these "centrifical" clutches off a ordinary
kart and use it on your engine.
Best of Luck

> I am thinking that I will build a similar Go Kart to the basic one you have
> given designs for.  This will be my first go-kart and I was wondering if
> there would be any way that I could have some sort of clutch, or something
> like that so that when I stop I dont kill the engine or wreck my rear axle.
> Also, what size wheels should be used for the kart?
>  Thankyou,
>  James Sinclair

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