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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:47:49 IST 2006

80cm tires are way too big for a normal kart - it would be very
unstable at high speed and when taking corners. If you want to use
them - you would have to take out the axles and ball bearings etc. and
simply weld the axle to the wheels.

I used wheelbarrow wheels - and they worked very effectively. They
were only 30cm in diameter. If you can get 4 of these 0 you will have
a good kart.
Best of Luck

> Hi its steve again....i was also wodering waht type of tires u use....right
> now i have about 80 cm tires from a bike....and i am not quite sure how to
> weld thoe onto the steel bar....There are the blots that usualy attached it
> to the bike frame that spin so i was wondering if i hsould take those off or
> what....and if not what tires should i use...
> thanks again
> Hi,
> The best type of motor is one off a motorbike - a 125cc engine with
> gears and a clutch. All you will need to do is to put the motorbike
> sprocket on your rear axle - connect up the chain to the engine and
> your off.
> If you are using a lawnmower engine - then there is a picture about
> the v-belt pulley connection at:
> http://www.skynet.ie/~steviewdr/PlAnS/engine%20connection.gif
> As for the Axle bar size. A diameter of 1" (1 inch) (25mm) will do fine.
> You can buy 2 meters long of a solid bar to use as your axle. You
> should be able to get this steel bar at any decent hardware store or
> engineering works. You may have to weld/ bolt the wheels, brake and
> pulley onto this axle however.
> Best of Luck
> -steve

> >
> > Hi i was wondering what type of motor is best to use....i am also nto
> > quite
> > sure how to take apart the motor and attach the pulley system with V
> > belt...if u could can u send mea detailed explanation...
> > Also which size Axle bar is best to use...and if so where can i buy
> > one...o.k thank you..

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