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Thank you steve

>I know exactly what you are on about - but I dont know the technical
>term for it.
>Id say it is some sort of an ABS (Nylon etc.) high strength plastic.
>Im sure it can be bought in lengths/ strips and you can bend it int
>the shapes you want using a flame/ hot bend iron.
>Im afraid that I dont know of any place to purchase this material.
>Best of Luck
>On 7/5/05, andreas voegele  wrote:
> >
> >
> > hi i have a question about the kart
> >
> > you know how racing karts have that bumper stuff what is it made out of
> > cause i would like to equip my kart with bumpers?
> >
> > Image by FlamingText.com
> >
> >
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