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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:10:27 IST 2006

Hi Rex,
On that kart, I had the seat beside the engine.
For the gears, I simply welded a lever onto the gear change shaft
coming out of the left side of the gearbox. The driver can then easily
reach the gear lever with their right hand.
If the gearbox/ engine is not beside the drivers seat, then you will
have to do a setup similiar to this website:

Best of Luck

On 6/14/05,  wrote:
> hi..
> my name's Rex... I was surfing for go karts plans and I saw your wbiste..
> I'm very interested in the old racing kart plans and i was wondering since
> the kart you made was built with a manual motorbike engine.. where did you
> put the gears for the bike engine?...
> thanks,
> rex

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