[Kartbuilding] Fwd: Rear axel

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:11:36 IST 2006

Hi Ben,

All a rear axle is, is a steel bar 1.5 meters long.
You get a solid steel bar, 1.5 meters long, diameter 25 millimeters
(or what ever inside hole of the wheels are).
Weld/ bolt the wheels at either end of the axle.

Place pieces of pipe onto teh axle (before welding on the wheels).
Bold/ weld the pipe to the chassis.
This will allow the axle to spin inside the pipe.
It should work ok.
You need to go through the website for better details.
Best of Luck

On 6/5/05,  wrote:
> Hi Steve thanks for your reply about the brakes query. But I was wondering
> if you could help me with another problem. I dont know what to use for a
> rear axel, this is our first attempt at kart building  and were on a very
> low budget. Do you have any suggestions on something that we can get our
> hands on easily.
>                              From   Ben

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