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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 10:18:14 IST 2006

No, I'm more at a stage where I have a large barn and some
free time when the other half lets me.

So about 2 hours a year to kill.

Anyway, I've been toying with building a kart that can
rip around my paddocks (which aren't known for their
smoothness) but trying to find ANYONE who will put
construction details on a website without having to pay
through the nose is next to impossible.  Some people
have removed them because they're afraid of being sued
by someone who escaped Darwinian selection till they
managed to build a kart and drive it into a wall.


So it was a ray of bloody sunshine to actually get some
plans which were better than a line drawing.

I appreciate it and think that there's probably many other
people out there who do so too, but are too busy welding
to send you a note.

So Ta!

Simon Travaglia, BOFH

Not a problem mate.
Any questions, feel free to drop me a mail.

On 4/20/05, Simon Travaglia wrote:
> It was bloody informative, thanks!
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> ITS, University of Waikato, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton, NZ
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