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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:19:15 IST 2006

I actually dont have them pages written yet, and it will be a long
time yet before I get a chance.
If there are any specific questions, then email me and I will do my
best to answer them for you.
In relation to your current question, - how to put the belt on the
pulley without turning it.

Im taking it you are referring to the ability, to leave the engine
running, and with the movement of a lever, the kart will move.
In order to set this system up, a third pulley wheel must be used. A
third pulley wheel is mounted on a lever, that can move in and out
against the drive belt. In order to stop the kart, and leave the
engine running, the third pulley wheel on the lever can be moved away
from the belt, thus loosening the belt, and allowing the kart to stop.
In order to make the kart move, the third pulley wheel is moved
against the belt, putting tension on the belt, making the belt grip
the pulley wheels.

I hope you get the idea, somewhat. I would recommend, getting the kart
running without a clutch, i.e. direct drive, and then add in a third
pulley wheel allowing tension/ slackening of the belt.

Best of Luck

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:57:21 EST, Stbt111wrote:
> Hi my names Steve me and my friend Tom are making a wooden go cart and we
> got all the plans from your site but you dont have a link for the Engine
> Mounting and Fitting and the Drive and Linkage I was just wondering if you
> could send me them pages if there is pages for them and since the lawn mower
> engine is a verticle shaft i cant find where it says in the site how we can
> put the belt on the pulley without it turning This is our first cart were
> building were only 14 and 15 so we dont know everything on how to do this so
> if you could answer those for us that would be kool k thanx
>                        , Steve

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