[Kartbuilding] Fwd: FW: miniture cars

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:56:36 IST 2006

>Hi how are you going my name is Cameron and l am hoping that you are going
>to be able to help me as l am not having much luck so far.
>I am not very good on the computer and I do'nt even know what city or
>country you are in which may have an impact on how you may be able to help
>I am located in Melbourne Australia.
>To give you an idea of what I am trying to do here is a basic idea of what
>I need.
>I am wanting to set up a little electrically powered miniture car to aide
>some kids in a road safty program and at this stage i only need one but may
>need to make more in the future if it is sucsesful. These small cars are to
>be 2 seaters and to be about 2 meters long and about 1 meter wide. They
>will only need to do between 2 kph and 15 kph and do not even have to have
>suspension. They are to resemble real cars and not go-carts so will have a
>fibroglass body fitted to them. The size of the wheels are to be about the
>size of that of a golf buggy.
>There is not any thing in the market that serves the purpose so I am going
>to have to design them and build them. In doing so I need to be able to be
>able to scorse the key parts that are to be used ie weels, hubs, axles,
>stub axles,possibially Small steering box or rack (to reduce steering ratio
>ect. Before designing the cars I need to design them around what I can find
>as components rather than manifacturing every component individually.
>If you have any ideas of designs or plans close to what I am looking for or
>any sugestions what sort of places that I could scorce the componetary then
>I would appreciate if you could forward on any thing you feel may be of
>Thankyou I hope to hear from you.

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