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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:57:50 IST 2006

>Thanks Steve.

> > Hi Paul,
> > Firstly for the pulley on the rear axle, the bigger the better. Ideally
> > will have a diameter 5 times larger than the pulley on the engine.
> >
> > When using belts and pulleys on the wooden kart, there are two methods
> > operation:
> > 1. Direct drive. This is where the pulley is very tight and only slips a
> > small bit. The kart may need to be push started, and to stop the kart
> > engine is stopped. There for if the kart is going too slow and the
> > stalls the kart stops.
> >
> > 2. Direct drive with a tensioner clutch. This is the same as above,
> > you use a third pulley wheel to tension the drive belt. Therefore when
> > are starting the kart, the third pulley wheel is barely touching the
> > and the engine pulley wheel slips and does not drive the belt or rear
> > Then to drive or move off, this third pulley wheel (small enough) is
> > on a lever against the drive belt, tensioning the belt and the kart
> > off.
> > If the engine is near stalling operate the lever with the pulley wheel
> > and de-tension the drive belt.
> > Best of Luck
> > -steve
> > >
> > >Hi Steve
> > >my son and i have been looking at your kart sight (great  work) we are
> > >going to have a go at making the wooden kart first so that my son can
> > >understand a bit about how it all works!
> > >just a quick question what stops the engine from stalling? and also
> > >would be a good size for the axle pully?
> > >many thank for your time
> > >Paul Duval
> > >Barcelona Spain

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