[Kartbuilding] Fwd: FW: Racing kart plans

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 12:03:28 IST 2006

>Awesome website!  Lots of useful information.  I've been planning on
>building a kart for a couple months now and have been stuck on whether I
>should buy an old frame or make one from scratch.  Then I came across your
>site and lets just say that with all that information I am pretty sure I'm
>going to make it myself.  Already have the engine at home and got it
>running a couple weeks ago.  It's a 500 Honda Ascot motor.  Only problems
>is that it's shaft drive...  I'll find a way eventually!  Anyway, just
>thought I'd email you and compliment you on the site as it looks like
>you've put a lot of effort into these plans.  The ones of particular
>interest to me are the race kart ones that you have done in solidworks.  I
>was just wondering if there was anyway that I could get the solidworks
>design files for that?  Wouldn't mind making some changes to that to adapt
>it to my own application.  I have a friend at work that is willing to
>tackle the project with me and he uses solidworks at work.  If you could
>that would be great, if not, I've already got a lot of valuable information
>from your online plans.

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