[Kartbuilding] Fwd: FW: RE: Weed Whacker go kart

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 12:04:17 IST 2006

>Thanks for your quick response!
>Suppose that I could find a lawn mower engine during Junk Days, how would I
>"convert" the vertical shaft into a usable horizontal shaft?
>>Well its not very simple to turn a small weed whacker (strimmer) into a
>>Firstly, build the framework of the kart, making it as light as possible
>>for that small engine.
>>Secondly, put the entire kart togethor apart from the engine.
>>Thirdly, if you didnt find a better stronger engine since starting to make
>>the kart, you will have to use the weed whacker I suppose.
>>Fourthly, I would definately get a user manual, and perhaps a maintanence
>>manual for your weed whacker. If you cant get a maintanence manual for
>>your make and model, get one for any model of weed whacker, as they do not
>>differ that much from layout. You will be able to take off the shaft, and
>>perhaps, depending on the model, be able to use the handle as a mounting
>>point to bolt to the kart frame. If not you will have to strip ALL the
>>plastic farrings, and keep the petrol tank seperate. Getting down to the
>>bare engine is what you will have to do. Make sure not to mess with the
>>Best of Luck
>>>Can you tell me how I can learn to covert a weed whacker into a go kart?
>>>I know how to build the framework of the go kart but when it comes to the
>>>mechanics of it..im lost

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