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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:32:35 IST 2006

> Hi Steve,
> I've been trying to get this drawing to you for several days, but my
mailings to you have been returned as undeliverable and the kart building
site has been unaccessible.  However, I just viewed the site on the web so
I am assuming you had server problems.  I'm glad the site is back up again.
Now I'll try sending the drawing once more.  The attachment containing the
drawing is named SAFETY ADDITIONS.
> It seems I vaguely recall my dad making me a push kart when I was a
youngster.  My siblings and I would take turns pushing each other and
riding the contraption.  I believe it was steered with a rope and maybe
with the feet of the driver against an axle.  The thing was unmercifully
hard to steer because it had no foot holds and because the front wheels
would soon get at such an angle that the wagon would dump the driver and
the power sources in a pile all together.  Bruises, scrapes and dwindling
enthusiasm were not in short supply.
> It might seem that what I call the steering stop is redundant and that
the foot lugs alone would suffice.  However, the steering stop could well
prevent the heels of the driver from becoming entrapped between the axle
and the center part of the frame that extends from the seat to the front
wheels.  Ultimately the steering stop could be made short enough that it
would be invisible if looking at the kart from directly above.  I drew it
long just to help convey the idea of a stop for the axle.  The placement of
the stop and the foot lugs should be determined by putting the driver on
the kart and measuring for leg length and for the desired minimum steering
radius.  The shorter the stop is made the closer it will need to be placed
to the axle.
> As I proofread this it occurs to me that a steering lever (similar to the
one that Henry Ford used on his first horseless carriage) could be used to
advantage as well.  One could use a wooden wedge at the axle to raise the
driver's end of the lever to the desired height.  Of course, this would
negate the need for the foot lugs altogether.  But the steering stop (or
limit) could still prove advantageous.
> I hope this addition to the frame will allow some young kart builder to
enjoy an easier and safer ride.
> If you have any questions please contact me at your convenience.  Feel
free to either print the modification separately or to simply integrate the
ideas into the drawing you already made.
> Thanks again Steve for the fine web site and for the links.
> Dale

> > Hi Dale,
> >
> > Please do forward me on your ideas, modifications and suggestions and I
> > update the website and add your name to it also.
> > Best of Luck
> > -steve
> >
> > >
> > >Steve,
> > >I have been enjoying your free go kart plans pages and have learned
> > >something about setting up and adjusting the steering.
> > >
> > >I have a question or two about the angles of the kingpin and a
> > >about the wooden kart plan that might make it a bit safer.
> > >
> > >First  I want to see if your email is still working before asking the
> > >question and drawing the modification for the wooden kart.
> > >
> > >
> > >Thank you for the pages and links,
> > >Dale
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