[Kartbuilding] Kart Differential and Bevel Gearbox Unit

sburke at burkesys.com sburke at burkesys.com
Wed Apr 11 10:06:59 IST 2007

I said I'd post this info here so I wont forget it.

Firstly - a differential:
A differential in a kart is the ideal method of sharing power to both rear
wheels especially when cornering. Although I have simply used a solid rear
axle, and when cornering, the inside rear wheel slips, I have come across
a very easy to use kart differential.
The image should be attached to this message. This unit is integrated into
the rear axle, using sleeves to join it to the right and left part of the
axle. A large Drive Sprocket is bolted to this differential. So the chain
will turn the bell housing of the differential, and in turn this will
share the power between the right and left rear wheels. The "comet"
differential can be bought from the following URL:

Secondly - a 45degree Gearbox unit:
If a "vertical" driven engine is used, there are only a few options for
the transmission which can be used. One of these solutions is to use
"bevel gears". Instead of having to get these gear wheels and try to make
them work, a bevel gearbox unit is the ideal method. Attached to this
message should be an image of this unit. This gearbox unit can be bought
from the following URL:

Of course these two units are costly. There are cheaper methods to solving
the above on the www.kartbuilding.net website.

Best of Luck,
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