[Kartbuilding] Go karts questions continued

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Feb 27 09:50:54 GMT 2007

Hi again Mike,

1. Rose end bearings can easily be purchased from an engineering supplies. 
You might also be able to get an old/second-hand one off an old car (see 

2. Yes - the brake cable pulls the callipers together, which closes in on 
the steel disc attached to the rear axle - causing the kart to slow down. 
Take a look at: 
for more details.

3. As for the brake components - you will have to get the brake (disc and 
callipers) off a moped/scooter/motorbike and use its components. The disc 
is attached to the rear axle and rotates with the axle. Because there is a 
large hole in the middle of the disc - it needs a "carrier" (maybe the 
pyramid shaped item you mentioned?) which can be purchased in a karting 
shop or perhaps an engineering shop. You can even make/weld up a similar 
item to secure the brake disc to the rear axle. Note - there is NO bearing 
attached to the brake disc. The brake disc must be FIRMLY secured to the 
rear axle.
Apart from the disc - there are 2 pads/callipers. One of which goes on 
either side of the brake disc. These pads/callipers as the above PDF shows 
- are attached to the chassis with support arms. A cable then operates to 
squeeze the two callipers/pads together - causing the kart to be slowed 
I highly RECOMMEND you look closely at the front brakes on a 
motorbike/moped to get an idea of the components involved. Also - if you 
could visit a local karting arena - you will see the modified braking 
system/setup working.

The above PDF plan shows a close up of the track rod + rose end bearing. 
Yes - basically - the track rods are pieces of pipe. At the ends of the 
pipe - a NUT is welded. The Rose End Bearing then screws into the nut 
which is welded to the pipe. The rose end bearing can be screwed in and 
out to adjust the direction of the front wheels. Again - yes - the rose 
end bearing can be purchased in a local engineering shop.

A small model can be useful - however I suggest you simply start making 
the kart. Its easier to build the real sized kart rather than super-gluing 
a model together. Start with the easy things of the kart - i.e. the 
chassis and the rear axle. The steering is later on, and the brakes are 
one of the last things to do. Dont get too worried about the ins and outs 
of the kart. Just start and take it piece by piece.
Again - I highly recommend you visit a local karting arena etc. to look at 
a kart and to see the bits involved. Otherwise - make a proper simple 
kart. There is plenty of information and details on the steering on the 
www.kartbuilding.net website.

Best of Luck,

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Michael Puhalovich wrote:
> Hey
>      I now have a much greater understanding of how the cart works.  Unfourtunatly, I have also gotton a better understanding of how much more there is for me to learn before construction!  So, I have a great deal of questions: 1. I am unfamiliar with parts such as the king pin and the rose end bearing.  Can these parts be purchased reguraly?  2.  I am totally unfamiliar with how the brakes work.  After looking at it awhile though I got the idea that a cable would pull the calipers together and this would cause some sort of a break.  Is this right?  3. The brake componets.  Totally lost on the pecies of what makes it.  I get the nuts and bolts and common day things.  I dont understand what the circular-pyramid looking thing is.  The bearing maybe? It's on both the brake and the sprocket....it has to be the bearing.  Its also on the rear axle bearings.  Where can I get this part?  4. Finally, the track rod.  I think I understand it; its just a circular steel pipe of some
> sort that has bolts welded on either sides that are attached (welded or somehow tightened I don't know) to a small piece of steel.  What I dont understand is the circular-hollow piece at the end. I think it's the rose end bearing?  Was this bought or made?    I'm thinking once I get a complete understanding of the cart that I'll make a small model out so that I know for sure I understand every part.  Thanks again for helping me out on your own time.
>                                                                                                     Mike

> Stephen Burke wrote:
>  Mike,
> The e-drawing of the racing kart in 3d can be gotten at:
> http://www.kartbuilding.net/racingkart/3d_format_racing_kart/edrawing/index.html
> and specifically - the download link is:
> http://www.kartbuilding.net/racingkart/3d_format_racing_kart/edrawing/main_kart_edrawing.exe
> When you have the .exe file downloaded - open it up (double click on the
> green icon) and the 3d drawing should open up. It only works on windows as
> far as I know.
> Best of Luck,
> -steve
> On Sun, 25 Feb 2007, Michael Puhalovich wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I also downloaded the edrawings program on your site. How/where do I go to view the plans in 3-d? Thanks.
>> Mike

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