[Kartbuilding] Home made kart

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Jan 4 09:40:46 GMT 2007

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the link to your Kart Project page. It has some nice photos on 
it. You take into consideration a lot of points I neglect to cover, i.e. 
tilt-over mercury switch, chain guard etc. I should include these at some 
stage on my kartbuilding website. I also never added any roll bars/cage to 
my karts - I felt that if the kart did tip over at speed - that without a 
safety harness and a really really solid cage - It wouldn't be much use. 
Also - the roll cage would take up too much room in the garage at home!!

Your kart does look very well. I see you got a new engine towards the end! 
Its also nice to have a decent workshop to build the kart in. I could have 
really done with a pipe-bender and a lathe. I read on your page that you 
made your own pipe-bender! If you had a photo of it and a few details - 
that would be nice seeing.

Another thing I see is that you put the chassis ontop of the rear axle. I 
tend to put the chassis hanging off the rear axle. I.E. the pillow 
bearings on the top. This gives lower ground clearance - but thats about 
all. I suppose its a case of whatever works.

Anyways, thanks for the photos. If you have details on your home-made pipe 
bender - that would be great. Also if you had info on whether you hot/cold 
bend the tubing, and what wall thickness tubing (and how significant is 
the wall thickness and diameter when bending tubing).

Best Regards and Happy New Year,


On Thu, 4 Jan 2007, admin wrote:
> Hi Stephen;
> I found you website and with others when I had started to scratch build
> a simple grass/beach kart.  I used your site to decide which way to go
> with the rear brake and decided to pick up a front calliper and hand
> lever from a 250 super dream.
> I think the kart is more of a building exercise but hopefully if I can
> find an area to ride the thing safely the kids should enjoy it.
> Due for car-park testing soon.
> Link to kart page is   http://www.tamarisktechnicals.com/pages/kart.html
> All the best
> Adrian

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