[Kartbuilding] 1100cc

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Jan 4 10:51:53 GMT 2007


Thank you for the photos. It will be a very good kartbuilding project if 
you manage to get the suspension working.
As for engines - yes - you should be easily able to change the engine if 
it is not powerful enough. However I think it will.
The most important thing is to build a strong chassis that will take the 
weight and strain. All other pieces can be changed - but the chassis must 
be built correctly from the beginning.
The drawing of the kart chassis looks ok. The chassis could perhaps be a 
little wider. You have it at 110cm - perhaps with the large motorbike 
engine, it would be better if your chassis was 130 or 140cm. - Its just a 
As for the suspension - yes them springs & shocks of the motorbike should 
be fine. I suggest/recommend you go through the details on this website:

In particular the pictures on the above website to watch out for are:

There is a similar setup as to what you plan on the website above. Let me 
know how you get on and send on any photos whenever you can.


On Thu, 4 Jan 2007, khalid hinnawi wrote:
> Im really great full that i have a contact with some one like you that can 
> help me in building this crazy car .... as for the tubing matter i will 
> follow ur advice in 1.4" .... for the engine 750cc will do fine but im afraid 
> that it will not give me the power that im after ... i will try it ... if it 
> gave me the good power i will keep it ... if not i will sell the 750 engine 
> and get a 1100cc just for the experience.
> now for the pictures ... im really sorry for not attaching them for u ... i 
> thought i did ... in this email i will send u the first chassis drawings and 
> the pict. of the sprockets and the engine ... the last pic Steve i need ur 
> advice on it ... its a drawing of the rear suspension ... i will be using a 
> rear system  of a sports motorcycle but with double parts ... i really dont 
> know what is the name of these parts in English but i think u will know it 
> when u see the pict. ..... im still confused if this system will work 
> properly ... pls, advice me ...
> At last thanks alot stive and i will do my best to send u all the pict. step 
> by step of building my car. also i already started with the rack dismantling 
> in order to make it 1 driver car ...

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