[Kartbuilding] Need some help

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sat Jun 9 17:57:06 IST 2007


Thanks for your email. Im glad you find the www.kartbuilding.net website 
With regards to information on where you could find/buy the kart parts, I 
currently dont have a dedicated webpage for this. There is 1 page where 
ebay bids for kart parts shows ( 
http://www.kartbuilding.net/buy_go-kart_parts.html )
however it only shows a limited number of ebay parts in the "karting" 

When sourcing parts and materials for a kart the first thing you need to 
look for is:
1. 4 wheels. At the least - there needs to be 2 pairs. The front wheels 
can be smaller than the rear.
2. An engine is next.
3. Buy materials for the chassis. Typically these materials (piping/tubing 
and flat steel, along with some nuts, bolts and washers) can be bought in 
a DIY/Hardware store (B&Q or Homebase) or an engineering company. The 
quantity of steel depends on how strong a chassis you want to make. I had 
to make many many return trips to my local hardware store for bits and 
pieces as I was making the kart.
4. Source Brakes, steering wheel, bearings, petrol tank, a seat, brake 
cables, chains and sprockets etc. I would recommend you visit a local 
scrap yard. If you find nothing suitable there, you need to go to a "crash 
repair shop" for cars and motorbikes/scooters etc. Ideally you would get 
all the above pieces from old motorbikes. Dont get too heavy of parts 
otherwise this will slow down your kart. Choose a basic plastic seat and 
add side supports as is on this page:
If you still dont find the above parts second-hand, go to ebay or online 
to try and source these parts cheaply. Ebay has a ton of parts for sale, 
but you will have to make sure the delivery charges dont add up for the 
weight of the parts and shipping.
Fail this and ebay, you will have to go back to your DIY/hardware store 
and see if you can get the parts there, or if they could order in the 
parts for you. Typically they will have a suppliers catalogue where there 
will be a much wider range.

I hope this information and tips help. If you have any more problems or 
questions, just send on an email.

Best of Luck,

On Sat, 2 Jun 2007,  wrote:
> Hey man, first off, thanks for making this site, its gonna really help I
> think... hope. Just wondering, could you send me any information on
> where I could find the kart parts, that would be great. I went to one of
> your sites, and it showed up blank. Thanks

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