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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Tue Jun 26 12:01:12 IST 2007

The photo of the clutch you pointed out was not attached to the email you 
sent me. These are images of what a manual clutch looks like:

This is a photo of an automatic centrifugal clutch:
There is more information on automatic centrifugal clutches at (note this 
type of clutch is for automatic transmission with NO SHIFT STICK):

A clutch will NOT make a go-kart go faster. It will allow you to keep the 
engine running when the kart is stopped/stationary.
If you weld a srocket to the engine and the rear axle, it will go the SAME 
SPEED as with a clutch.

The article you referred to (Four gears and a Manual clutch) is where a 
( see: 
is used. A gear is a toothed wheel, which when 2 different size gear 
wheels come together give a different gear ratio. This is the EXACT SAME 
as gears in a CAR/automobile.
Just as 2 gear wheels can be used to provide a gear ratio, 2 sprockets 
joined with a chain can also provide a gear ratio, i.e. one shaft will 
turn at a different speed to another shaft.

If the engine says it is "manual", then more than likely it has no 
gears/gearbox and you will have to get a gearbox seperately and join the 2 
together just as is done in: 

The following picture shows the clutch lever on the gearbox+engine 
combination above:

In relation to your other email regarding a heavy duty clutch and how it 
will max at 2000rpm, I think this is an AUTOMATIC CENTRIFUGAL type clutch. 
This type of clutch is used on a "single gear chain drive transmission".

Best of Luck,

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Hoang Nguyen wrote:

> also i was reading on some website and some heavy duty clutch and it 
> will only max in 2000rpm..so whqt will happen if i put a 
> motorbike engine and shift at hard rpm..will it
> get harm?
> hello
>  I'm sorry to bother you so much with my questions. hope you dont mind.. (is this a clutch?) if so will it make  cart faster?my  if i bought a motorbike engine would it go fast if i just weld a sproket to a motor and connect direct chain drive to the axle would it go over 40mph? and i just reading on your page about the transmission page. Four gears and a manual clutch. ? what exactly is a gear? "is that a sprocket?" does it come with some motorbike engine? if the engine is manual does it mean it all ready come with a gear box? if not do they sell the gear box?
>  thank you
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