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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Mar 26 14:29:46 IST 2007

It doesnt matter what shape the chassis is, AS LONG AS the rear axle is 
parallel to the front axles. Also - the wheels must all be parallel - i.e. 
pointing forwards, otherwise the kart wouldnt keep going in a straight 
line. The worst thing that can happen with having the chassis out of 
alignment is that 1. tire wear is drastically increased, and 2. you will 
burn more energy/fuel driving the kart.
See this page for chassis designs:

As for sizes of wheels: as long as the two front wheels are the same 
diameter, and the two rear wheels are the same diameter - it will be fine.

I never seen hard rubber roller bearings. Perhaps its just the rubber seal 
at either side of the bearing that you are looking at. Either way, they 
seem free, and nowadays bearings are sealed units, so at the very least 
you should be able to built the kart and get it going using them bearings.

Apart from the info. above, all other details and information is on the 
www.kartbuilding.net website.
If you have any further questions, just drop us an email.

Best of Luck,
On Mon, 26 Mar 2007, D Barrot wrote:

> Hi was checking out your cool site and seen some of your great ideas for a 
> billy cart. Now i have already found myself some disposable alliminium that i 
> have drilled and bolted together to form the outside frame and have also some 
> square tubing bolted to the bottom for which i was going to put checker 
> plate,problem being it seems that the king pin system seems the easiest but 
> my frame is in the shape of oblong not circular,not square (in between) like 
> the outside of a gokart frame, stop laughing lol ,and i am wondering if i 
> could still go ahead and do this as rods and steering wheels are going to 
> complicate this project,also does it matter if i have different size 
> wheels,like push bike wheels on the back and roller bearing wheels (hard 
> rubber,much smaller) on the front,its just that i have these in the factory 
> at my disposal . do you think the hard rubber roller bearing wheels will go 
> fast i seem to think they will rock, i place my finger in the roller bearing 
> wheels and give them a tweek and they run for an eternity  Please any input 
> would be treasured as my 6 year old son is banking on beating his 7 year old 
> cousin  in the local derby lol. thanks for taking the time to read this 
> cheers mick- johnston

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