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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Fri Aug 29 18:16:47 IST 2008

Hi Wajih,

Yes - the front wheels are meant to be perpendicular to the ground.
The section under "Camber Angle" on the following page explains how this 
particular angle must be balanced out to leave the wheel flat on the 

The 0' camber does not refer to the angle of the wheel to the ground, but 
only the King Pin.
You are correct however, when the front wheels are turned, they will be at 
a small angle to the ground (i.e. not perpendicular).

No bother about the questions. If I had the kart to hand, I could take a 
video showing how the front wheel angles as it is turned from straight to 
right or left.

Best of Luck,

On Fri, 29 Aug 2008, Wajih Sahouryeh wrote:
> Thanks for your reply Stephen,
> Yes I know about differentials, and i have read a lot on car steering geometry. And i'm guessing inclining the
> king pin  causes the wheel to lift up ( "jacking effect")?
> When i look at the following drawing,
> http://www.kartbuilding.net/racingkart/Free_Racing_Kart_Plans_PDF/Main_Kart_Complete_12_Front_Steering_End.pdf
> I see that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and are not on a negative camber. They look to me to be on a 0' deg camber. Does inclining the King Pin cause the camber to occur when the car is driven (around a kerb)?
> Thank you for your patience and time, i hope i haven't confused or bothered U,
> Wajih
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