[Kartbuilding] question about throttle

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sat Jul 5 13:38:49 IST 2008


If there is no throttle cable on your engine powered lawn mower, you will 
need to do some investigation on your engine.
Is there an "air filter" or "air box" on the lawn mower engine? E.g:
See Step 8 on this lawn mower page:

Underneath the air filter will be the carburetor, and attached to this 
will be a "butterfly valve". After removing the air filter and looking in, 
you may be able to see this circular flap/valve. See:

If you could carefully run the engine, and move this adjustor/valve via a 
lever on the outside of the carburetor, it should speed up the engine. 
Once you have discovered what lever/adjustor changes the speed/throttle of 
the engine, you will then have to connect up a cable to move this 
lever/adjuster from the foot pedal.

Its a little confusing and a bit of work. If you had a "lawn mower" rental 
place, they would know all about those engines and would be able to help 

Best of Luck,

On Wed, 2 Jul 2008, Kathy Crowe wrote:

> I found your website and building the wooden lawn mower engine powered cart.
> You said that the best way to control the throttle is by the throttle lever
> off of a lawn mower.  The engine I'm using is old an doesn't have a throttle
> lever,  it's just the blade that moves and u have to push it yourself.  Do u
> have any suggestions on how I should control the throttle?
> P.S.   the sooner you could get your website updated, the better.  Is there
> anything I need to know?

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