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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Mar 10 19:09:08 GMT 2008

Hi Glenn,

Quick reply on your part!
That honda engine sounds just the job! It could nearly be a little too 
fast. As for the size of the rear sprocket, typically a normal motorbike 
rear sprocket would suffice. It is possible to swap/change sprockets after 
the kart is built!! If you see the following photo, the sprocket can be 
"split" and rewelded back together. Its like taking a piece out of a cake 
and putting it back in place. See:

As a result, I wouldn't be too worried at this stage about sprocket 
As for front brakes, yes - small callipers are a must. They can start to 
add up on the weight front too! It *might* be an idea to get the disc 
brakes off a bycycle. New bycycles have very light and effective front 
disc brakes. Alas, they are only only costly new bycycles, so it will be a 
year or two yet before there are old second hand parts you could use.

As for the tubing used on my karts, plain carbon steel is used throughout 
and sufficed fine for me. It had a good balance between ease of use, 
weight and strength.

Looking forward to your build pictures.

Best of Luck,

On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Glenn Hubbuch wrote:

> Steve,
> Thanks for the response.  Your website is very inspirational.  Also, I
> may have found a powerplant for the project.......an old honda cr450r 2
> stroke bike.  I am still waiting on pics and other details on the bike.
> I need to find some wheels/tires to base my hub on have them easily
> replaceable.  I may try to put front brakes on it, I just need to find
> some small calipers and rotors.  What kind of rear sprocket is normally
> run?? I believe the rear sprocket off a dirtbike would be too large and
> would change the final ratio drastically.  I am trying to start
> collecting parts to get a basic layout before I start cutting and
> welding.  Is the tubing you call out just plain steel or is it chromoly?
> I hope to get started soon, and will def. take 'build' pics.
> thanks,
> Glenn

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