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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Mon Aug 17 22:24:10 IST 2009

Hi David / William,

Thanks for your email. I'm glad you managed to build a wooden go-kart and 
get it working. Wooden go-karts are the first step in getting involved in 
kartbuilding. Building a kart from metal is the natural next step. I 
suggest you keep the metal chassis a simple ladder type frame. A couple of 
key areas you will have to think about are:

1. Wheels - type and size. Typically the rear wheels would be welded / 
fixed to the rear axle which would be free to spin.
2. Type of engine. If you can go for a general purpose engine (e.g. 
) and an automatic centrifical clutch ( e.g. 
3. Layout of chassis. Typically a simple ladder form is the most basic. 
Either decide between square or round metal tubing. Square tubing is 
easier to cut and weld together. Will you be able to weld some metal 
pieces together? You will want to draw out the chassi shape on the ground 
using chalk, or a large piece of timber ( e.g. see: 

Well I hope that has sparked some thinking. If you have any specific 
questions, just drop us an email. If you've any photos of the karts, feel 
free to email them on and I can put them up on kartbuilding.net/gallery to 
inspire other people.

Best of luck,

On Mon, 17 Aug 2009, familylowe1 at aol.co.uk wrote:

> Hello,
> My son and?I have recently built a wooden go kart, which my boy enjoyed doing emensly.? We are both keen to try and build one out of metal or somthing more sturdy,?with?an engine.? We were looking at your web site and found it very interesting.? Before we start down loading plans etc, we would be grateful for any advice of how to start and plan such a project (bearing in mind my son is only seven).? I am air-con/fridge engineer so have some basic skills.
> look forward to hear from you
> David and William Lowe
> ________________________________________________________________________

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