[Kartbuilding] My Billy Kart

Jardine jardine at adam.com.au
Sat Jan 3 11:43:58 GMT 2009

Hey Kart builders ?     I dont actually know how this list thing works or who reads this but if it is anybody who is interested in kart building then you might find my kingpin arrangement as per the attached pics, of some interest.

As you can see the stub axle is fixed to the threaded-rod kingpin by way of the nut and grub screw - note the flat spot on the rod. 

So the kingpin itself pivots through the nuts top and bottom. The thread arrangement takes both vertical and lateral weight and the streering is as light and smooth as.

Ok so as the pin pivots its 45 or so degrees the axels have to lift or lower half a mm or so but hey, the kids have'nt bitched yet and with 8 degrees castor and kingpin inclination it would be hard to pick.

Also - the rubber bush, whilst a bit clunky, does a great job of allowing  pivot and flex without any slop.

Note the trailer, formerly a golf buggy, currently fitted with a seat for our 1 yo. 

Also the pair of feet pegs currently laying down that can pivot up and lock in sideways for shorter legs. 

What's missing in the pic is the engine who is currently writing this. Amazing how effective a broom can be at transferring power.

This little outfit is a couple of years old now and has had a great workout by heaps of kids.

And a note to the moderator - I exchanged a couple of e-mails re: principles of steering geometry with a very knowledgable guy called ( I think ) Steve I found on the web, before I set out to build the kart. I promised to send him some pics when I was finished but the computer crashed, lost the e-mails etc. I've trawled through the web recently trying to find him and I was thinking perhaps it might be you. If so  - cool - you might remember me from the threaded rod idea. If not pls let me know and I'll keep looking.

Regards     Jardine

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