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Mon Mar 9 21:48:14 GMT 2009


Sorry about the slow reply. Sorry also for the not having done much work 
on the off-road kart plans. I had hoped to get around to redoing the 
existing kart plans which are in 2D in 3D. Most of the information is 
already available on this kart at: 
http://kartbuilding.net/Freeplans/plans.htm and 

As for the Tony Kart, that would take a bit of time to make out plans for 
that kart. There are plans for a racing kart at: 
I know its different, but it should give you some useful information.

To answer your question:
You will want to choose "metal tubing" for the chassis. There is a very 
interesting article at 
http://www.millerwelds.com/education/articles/articles70.html on making 
the chassis of a motorcycle.
Typically I use "Black Steel Pipe" as its cheap and easy to work with. 
See: http://www.answers.com/topic/black-steel-pipe-1  and 

If you have any more questions, just ask.

Best of luck,

On Tue, 24 Feb 2009, Jesus Carmona Medina wrote:
> im waiting for your plans of the off road kart, i discovered your blog the last year (2008) and still waiting ;)
> i hope you can share with us your plans and instructions for the kart..... now im trying to make the chasis of Tony kart
> and here is my first question.... what material i can choose for the chasis, well i think the names will be change but its ok
> thank u and i wait for your answer
> my name is jesus carmona
> _________________________________________________________________

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