[Kartbuilding] Hello, I need some assistance with building something =)

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Mar 19 19:55:25 GMT 2009

Hi Diane,

Building a wooden car will be fun. I don't have plans on building a full 
size wooden car. I done some googling and found this 
It might be useful.

Basically you want to build the chassis using wood or metal. Build a 
simple ladder type wooden chassis.
Attach the front and rear axles. Turn the axles on a lathe and attach 
wheels. Get a rolling chassis. If the front wheels on the car do not have 
to turn, then its much easier, and just put in a single length of timber 
turned on a lathe.

Once the chassis and wheels are attached, you will have to get thin 3mm 
plywood, and bend it into an "n" shape and build up the outer skin of the 

Best of luck with it!


On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, diane wrote:

> Hello
> I saw your plans for building a carts and such on your website, and I was wondering; would you by any chance know how to build a life-sized wooden car? I just need to make the body, its to be on display and doesn't need to be driven or anything.
> I need your help! I'm totally new at this woodworking thing and I don't know what do you =S Any suggestions? Or ideas? Or anything at all?
> Thanks in advance =)
> -diane-

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