[Kartbuilding] opinion??

Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Sun Sep 13 23:38:51 IST 2009

Hi Zarko,

Yes! An old crashed scooter motorcycle will have plenty of parts that 
you can use for a kart. It will have an engine, 2 wheels, brakes, petrol 
tank etc.
All you would need then is 2 more wheels (another crashed scooter 
perhaps?) and pieces of metal to make the chassis.

Making the chassis will be your first step. You are going to have to get 
old pieces of metal from somewhere. It doesn't have to be round pipe, 
square tube will work also, and actually may be easier, as you can bolt 
these sections of steel together to form the chassis.

To conclude, yes, you can make an entire kart from old spare parts.

Best of luck,

On 13/09/2009 23:04, Zarko Zoric wrote:
> Hello,
> I live in Croatia and I found your plans on line, and I want construct 
> a kart for my son.
> Here in Croatia we don´t have any possibility for buying spare parts 
> or even engine for a kart,
> so I was thinking can I use engine, brakes, transmission and some 
> spares from crashed scooter motorcycle?
> Can you give me your opinion on the matter?
> Thank You very much
> Best Regards
> Zarko Zoric

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