[Kartbuilding] New engine

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Tue Oct 5 13:34:58 IST 2010

Hi Marv,

So it has two output shafts!?

I done a quick search and found the following video on what I think is the 
same engine as you have.

You can clearly see the shaft on one side with a small pulley wheel.

Does the engine fire up?
What speed does the shaft out the side do? (i.e. RPM).

Ideally the side shaft would do 1000-3000rpm and you could fit a torque 
converter or a centrifugal clutch and chain drive. This would mean that 
there would be little or no slippage in the drive and maximum power would 
go to the rear wheels.

The electric start is nice. I read you can use a moped/scooter battery to 
get it going.
This combined with the horizontal drive output shaft would make it much 
easier to drive a kart.

My guess would be that this side shaft is geared down to drive the wheels 
of a lawnmower. It may be in fact too slow. You could use a direct drive 
with chains and sprockets if this was the case. You could also just use a 
pulley and drive belt setup, but with this shaft the belt wouldn't have to 
tiwst and you'd have better power transfer.
You might have to make a lot of modifications to the chassis however, and 
you could end up making a new chassis for this engine.

Anyways, interesting and fun design and thinking.


On Sat, 2 Oct 2010, Marv wrote:

> Hi steve ive just got anothother engine but this one is electric start and has a pulley wheel on the side aswell as underneath what do u recon i should do with it mate?

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