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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Thu Oct 14 22:13:18 IST 2010

 Hi Marvin,

That sure is a nice looking engine. It would be ideal for use on the kart.
All you'd need then is a Centrifugal Clutch, chain and sprockets. See:
This would give you maximum power transfer to the rear wheels.

It's up to yourself if you want to sacrifice the engine and use it.
It might be an idea to use the lawnmower engine for the powerwash. You'd
have to check the engine connection to the power wash, as this would be
the tricky part. Typically there would be a long keyway required. I'm
not sure if you'd have a matching keyway on the lawnmower engine.

Perhaps you could borrow the power wash engine just for the weekends!
When the power wash isn't been used.
This would give you a taste of using the engine on the kart. It
shouldn't be too hard to transfer and swap that engine in and out. 4
bolts and then the engine output drive connection.

You seem to be making good work on the chassis for the kart and with the
welding. It all looks clean.
To be honest for that chassis, you'd need an engine similar to what you
have on the powerwasher.

Let us know how it all goes.

On 14/10/2010 19:19, marvs-power-wash wrote:
> Hi steve its me marvin ive rioby powerwash im thinking of putting it in this kart its a 4 stroke i will let you know what happens. Because it means putting one of the mower engines on the powerwasher which i need to run my business mate. The powerwash pump will still work upside down ye see. Ha ha stress full.
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