[Kartbuilding] Wooden kart

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Sep 8 21:15:28 IST 2010

 Hi Marvin,

Thanks very much for your latest photos. You got a nice close-up photo
of the pulley on the engine shaft.

How is the kart going for you now? Did you manage to get the larger
pulley wheel attached to the rear axle and connected?

I put the images you emailed me onto the kartbuilding gallery at:

I know these images will help other people making this kart.
You done very well making the rear axle without welding.


On 06/09/2010 21:48, Marv wrote:
> Hi steve ive sent you a close up of the axel with pulley. Non of the axel is welded. Its all been drilled and bolted.

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