[Kartbuilding] Centrifugal clutch

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sat Jan 29 15:57:34 GMT 2011

Hi Chris,

So to clarify:
When starting the engine, the kart goes forward for 5 feet, or 1-2 seconds?
Or, after stopping the kart with the brakes, after taking your foot off 
the brake, the kart moves forward also?

I've seen this before.
In karting arenas, they line up the karts and place tyres at the front to 
stop the karts moving forward when the engines are idle. See:

It sounds like the spring in the Centrifugal Clutch (if this is what you 
have) has become loose, and as a result engages a little too early.
and also

You should be able to take apart the centrifugal clutch carefully and 
check the condition of it. If its excessively loose or worn, you would be 
better getting a new clutch.

As for putting some oil or grease, this would only be a temporary fix as 
the oil/grease would eventually burn away (due to the clutch slipping). 
Also, it could make things worse, and the kart may not move forward even 
with the throttle on full.

See how it goes and let us know.

Best of luck,

On Fri, 28 Jan 2011, Chris Jackson wrote:

> Thank you for your time now and while maintaining the web site.
>   The clutch seems to stick on my kart when stopped. It surges forward for
> only one or two seconds, about 5 feet (yup I'm a yank .. sorry) but it
> concerns me while my 10 year old son is mounting or dismounting the vehicle.
> In your opinion could I lube it (if yes how) or should I just be on the safe
> side and replace it?
> Thank you again for your time.

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