[Kartbuilding] FW: go kart blueprints

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Apr 4 23:29:01 IST 2012

Hi Ken,

The angles and placement of the seat changes from kart to kart.

What you should do:
Take some chalk and draw out the plan of the kart on the concrete ground. 
Draw the position of the wheels and engine on the ground. Then take your 
seat and place it onto of the chalk drawing on the ground. You can sit it 
the seat and adjust the seat so you can reach the front of the kart. This 
way you work out the correct angles and degrees for the seat for your 

You can see a sample plan of a kart at:

All the information I have on karts and their setup/design is on the 
www.kartbuilding.net website.

Best of luck,

> Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 23:45:35 -0400
> Subject: go kart blueprints
> From: kcayson78
> my name is ken can u please give me a call i am building a kart and have some questions about the angles and degrees of the angles and placement of the seat
> for a long legged driver or write me with your n umber and tell me when i can call u thank u very much i will find a way to compensate u my number is

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