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Stephen Burke sburke at burkesys.com
Thu Dec 13 21:40:10 GMT 2012

Hi Qasim,

Tyres and the rims/wheels for them can be very expensive!

I used tyres and wheels from a wheelbarrow.
( http://kartbuilding.net/pictures.htm )

I got them for free ($0).

You could also see if you could get wheels and tryes from a small 
I don't know where you would get cheap tyres in Dubai/Thailand to be honest.
Be careful of shipping costs. You could try and use whatever tyres from 
an old trolley/wheelbarrow for the moment, and when the kart is running 
good, you can spend some money for proper tyres.

Best of luck,

On 09/12/2012 14:46, Qasim Ahmed wrote:
> Hey Stephen,
> Thanks for taking out time.It will surely help me a lot.
> Can you please also tell me where i can get cheap tyres from? I have 
> googled much and i have'nt come across anyone in Thailand where i 
> thought it would be cheaper so im getting them from London now,I live 
> in Pakistan and they are'nt available here,do you think i can find 
> them in Dubai or somewhere near?
> Best Wishes,
> Qasim Ahmed
> On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 4:53 AM, Stephen Burke wrote:
>     Hi Qasim,
>     I suggest you use Mild Steel. It is easier to work with.
>     Galvanized steel splatters a lot when welded and ideally requires
>     the areas to be welded to be ground clean.
>     If you wanted, you can use Mild Steel to make the chassis, and
>     then get the complete chassis dipped in Galvanize afterwards.
>     As for what type of welding, I myself use Manual Metal Arc welding
>     (also called Arc or Stick Welding), because that is the welder I have.
>     If you are creating a light chassis with thin walled tubing, then
>     a MIG Welder would be more suitable.
>     Some people who are very serious about their chassis use brazing
>     on all chassis joints.
>     As for your last query on electric welding galvanized steel and
>     that it may be weaker.
>     If you do not clean off the galvanised coating from the tube,
>     before welding, then it would add impurities into the weld and may
>     cause it to be weaker than if using clean Mild Steel tubing. If
>     you properly cleaned and treated the areas to be welded of
>     galvanised pipe, then it should be as strong as welding mild steel
>     untreated tubing.
>     Best of luck,
>     -steve
>     On 19/11/2012 17:48, Qasim Ahmed wrote:
>>     Hey.
>>     I hope you are fine,I"m making the following go-kart acccording
>>     to your plan,
>>     http://www.kartbuilding.net/racingkart/index.html
>>     I would be very pleased if you could answer my poblems;
>>     1. Should i use Mild Steel or Galvanized Steel?
>>     2. What type of wedling should be done for Gavlanized steel and
>>     Mild steel?
>>     3.I have heard that welding Galvanized steel via electric welding
>>     is weak and it breaks,is that true?
>>     I hope you can take out time and look into it
>>     Regards
>>     /
>>     /
>>     /Qasim Ahmed/

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