[Kartbuilding] Kart building blueprints

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Dec 19 20:47:24 GMT 2012

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email. Yes, you can re-distribute the kart plan designs
for the groups taking part in your karting events.
Ideally, if you could put a little note at the bottom of the printed
plans saying that they were gotten from www.kartbuilding.net, that would
be great.

Its great to hear people getting involved in kartbuilding. If you get
any photos of the event, feel free to email them on.
Also, if you have any questions on the kart, just drop us an email.

Best of luck,

On 14/12/2012 14:59, Chris Harris wrote:
> Dear Stephen,
> I am helping to organise a karting event for Scouts and other youth
> organisations in the UK. I found your website
> (http://www.kartbuilding.net/Wooden_Go-Kart_Plans/index.html) and the
> plans shown would be perfect to provide the participants with a base
> to design their karts around.
> Would you allow us to distribute these designs with our event
> guidelines for the groups taking part?
> Regards,
> Chris Harris

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