[Kartbuilding] New Infographic - Two Strokes vs Four Strokes

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Wed Feb 22 21:00:42 GMT 2012

Hi Aldo,

Thanks for the email. Its a well put together visual chart comparison
between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine ( at
http://www.motocrossgear.com/bikes/faceoff-two-strokes-vs-four-strokes/ ).
I'm a fan myself of two-stroke engines from motorbikes, for use on karts.

In the Racing section of your chart, I noted the following:
"AMA rules give the advantage to 4-stroke engines in official
competition by mandating that 250cc 2-stroke engines compete against
4-stroke engines with 450cc."
It looks as if that is still giving the advantage to the 2-stroke engines.

Best of luck,

On 21/02/2012 07:26, Aldo Baker wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Aldo Baker and I wanted to share the new Infographic from Motocross Gear, and thought this might interest your readers as it provides a visual way to understand “Two Strokes vs Four Strokes”. 
> You can review the graphic at http://www.motocrossgear.com/bikes/faceoff-two-strokes-vs-four-strokes/
> If you like the graphic, I’d appreciate if you could add it to your blog or share it through your social media accounts.  
> If you would like to display the graphic on your blog or website you can easily copy and paste the code from our site.
> I’m available Monday to Friday 8am-7pm CST, and can be contacted by my direct email me at aldobaker.com
> PS. I am more than happy to help you share any future blog post you are trying to get more visibility to.
> Thanks, 
> Aldo Baker
> Marketing Director 

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