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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Fri Mar 30 00:16:10 IST 2012

Hi Sergio,

Unfortunately I don't have the racing kart plans in inches/imperial units.

However there are two options:
One, you can use the PDF Drawings, and manually convert from Millimetres
to Inches.
Two, is to use the 3D eDrawing version of the Racing Kart.
When you click on the executable 3d edrawing, a program will open. You
can then choose the "Measure" tool and set the Distance to "Inches".
This will then let you measure any part of the racing kart in inches.

Best of luck,

On 22/03/2012 21:41, Gamarra, Sergio wrote:
> Hi there Mr. Burke!
>       I am Sergio Gamarra and I am the Automotive Technology
> instructor at High Tech High School in North Bergen, NJ. I am
> currently going to teach my students how to build your racing kart
> plans. One of the students stumbled upon it while searching the web
> for project ideas and I feel it will fill our need for a solid plan. I
> was wondering if you happened to have the plans for the kart in
> inches? I really appreciate you putting this information on the
> internet! My class is very excited to hear your reply.
> Thank you!
> Sergio Gamarra
> Instructor- Automotive Technology
> High Tech High School
> 2000 85th Street
> North Bergen, NJ 07047
> 201-662-6800 ext.8240
> www.hcstonline.org/main/hightech
> <https://webmail.hcstonline.org/owa/redir.aspx?C=3ea9de6620f043afb09c21d4a116fb4e&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.hcstonline.org%2fmain%2fhightech>

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