[Kartbuilding] help with go kart

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sun Feb 3 19:27:10 GMT 2013

Hi Mike,

Wow! You done a brilliant restore job on the kart. It looks immaculate!
I can imagine how much time you put into it cleaning it up. You were
lucky to come across it the way you did! Most of the times you have to
looking long and hard to come across such a kart.

I don't know who made the kart. It looks very distinctive, but I haven't
seen it before.
Maybe take a look at the following:
http://www.vintagekarts.com/karts.htm and

If you do find out, let us know. If you come across any other karts and
do them up as well, feel free to send us an email. Its amazing what you
can come across.

On 31/01/2013 23:56, Barbara Hansen wrote:
> I've been looking for a Fox Go Boy to replace the one my Dad bought me
> new from Montgbomery Ward in about 1963.  A customer saw my sign and
> said that one was sitting outside behind his brothers barn for about
> 30 years.  It had a small treee growing throughit but it wasnota
> Fox.  I've replaced the floor and wheels and applied a lot of 2K
> primer to fill the rust pits and painted it red, but I need your help
> finding out who mad this Kart.
> Mike Hansen

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