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Hi Mathew,

The picture is a little blurred.

If I remember correctly, and from your description, there is meant to be
a pipe going from this OHC (Overhead CAM) rocker cover to the Carburettor.

Air is generated here in this OHC rocker cover and this can provide
extra air to the carburettor intake. (Its a breather pipe from the
rocker cover).
I've seen small amounts of oil to come out this OHC cover. If you have
large amounts of oil coming out, then it may signal wear in the engine.

On the air filter you made, make sure that the engine can get enough
air. Perhaps take off the filter for a while to see if the engine speed
improves after it runs.

Is there a "choke" on the engine? If so, you may have the choke left on,
and it could cause the engine to behave as you describe after it warms up.

When you say the motor roars, is there a hole in the exhaust? Or, is the
throttle/gas turned on too much?

How is the oil level in the engine?
You might want to see if you can get a manual for the engine. What make
and model is the engine?

Best of luck,

That's great! I got heavier springs and it made the difference! Now just
one last bit of advice please? On the cover where it says OHV there is a
pipe or something missing. The motor roars like mad but after a while it
starts to spit fuel or some liquid out there and then the mtor will only
idle,when I try to move its almost as if she wants to die off!  Don't
know if its possible to see on my picture and also you can see I had to
make a filter for the carb.. ------Original Message------
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Hi Mathew,

Yes - the springs in a centrifugal clutch have a lot of tension. You
wouldn't be able to stretch them by hand! What you could maybe do is to
shorten the length of the springs you have by cutting a piece off them
and making a new hook part at the end. It may not work however and the
spring could break.

Hope the kart goes well for you!
Best of luck,

On 05/06/2013 10:42, mathewjoubert wrote:
> Hey there I'm matt from south africa.. Wonder if you can help me man. I got a nice big gokart from a mate but as usual they drove the piss out of it and when it broke they got rid of it! Problem is the centrifugal clutch was missing springs... I imagine those springs must have a fair amount of tension? I had fairly thin ones in then the engine would not rev up and it wanted to go but I could hold it back...... 

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