[Kartbuilding] looking for intermediate go-kart building project with my son

Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Mon Nov 4 20:49:54 GMT 2013

Hi Jim,

I know what you are looking for, however I don't quite have that version
of plans available.
The closest I would have is: http://www.kartbuilding.net/Wooden-Push-Cart/
You could maybe modify the rear to allow a second person kneel in at the
That kart is a little tricky however as it has steering. There are a lot
of parts to it.

A simplier and more robust wooden go-kart can be found at:
All details needed are there on building it.
You could maybe look to modify it so a person can kneel in at the back
of it.

There are some photos of other wooden karts people have made at:

If you do get building the kart, it would be great if you could email on
a few photos to help fellow kart builders.
If you have any questions, just send an email and I'll reply.

Best of luck,

On 08/10/2013 00:53, Jim Whelpley wrote:
> Hi, Stephen.
> Do you know where I can get a kit to make a high-quality wooden cart
> with a little alcove in back for a second boy to kneel and provide
> kick-power as needed?  My best memory of my dad from the 70's is
> making such a kart, but all I see on the internet now is either very
> basic wooden retro or modern metal versions. 
> Actually I'm open to any type of kart that takes a good long time to
> bond over the assembly, and which doesn't need welding or other
> special tools.  Any suggestions?  Thanks & please feel free to call if
> its faster than writing.
> Jim Whelpley
> Larkspur, CA
> 415-652-6914
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