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Stephen Burke stephen at sburke.eu
Sun Jan 5 23:32:58 GMT 2014

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your email. Apologies for the slow reply.

Yes, you can work away and use the plans on www.kartbuilding.net with
students to make the wooden cart. You can replicate, modify or do
anything with the designs that you like.
If you take any photos, I'd be interested to see how they get on and if
they make any new modifications.

Best of luck,

On 06/11/2013 15:21, Sue Benson wrote:
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> I am an ASDAN teacher at Lord Williams's Secondary school in Thame,
> Oxfordshire. My name is Sue Benson. I teach both year 9 and year 10
> students. ASDAN is a key skills program that helps students learn some
> very useful basic life skills like problem solving and research. We
> are going to be starting a Working with Others programe after
> Christmas which will entail building a wooden cart. I am emailing you
> to ask if the group decide to use your diagrames to make their go kart
> is it ok to do so?
> I am  aware you have written that the designs etc are the sole
> ownership of the designer so i do not want to infinge on anyones
> property however, I wanted to use them as a choice for the students to
> choose from as I like the design and feel it is well within their
> capabilities. There is no point in giving them the option if they are
> not allowed to build it or replicate it in any manner.
> I look forward to hearing from you
> best wishes
> Sue Benson
> Sports Technician
> ASDAN Instructor
> Lord Williams's School

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