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Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 18:48:24 IST 2006

Hi Matt,

I will describe a few ideas via CAD and go cart design.

1. The type of Software governs how well you design a kart.
AutoCAD has little design intent or plan. ANy changes to the layout will
affect the entire kart.
There is "Autocad Design Center" whereby a person can drag and drop full
size objects (e.g. chair, wheels etc.) into the drawing and you can see
how much free space there it.
SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor are much better when it comes to
designing karts. Any change made to the kart etc. will update the
everything else. E.g. if the axle diameter cahnges (make it stronger) the
rest of the kart will update (e.g. the holes in the bearings will get
In 3d programs such as Solidworks - thre is a "FEA" design add-in. This
will alow you to put weights and forces on certain parts of the kart. If
they are weak - they will be coloured red. If the kart is strong in that
location then it will be blue in colour.

But as for actual design and shape of a kart - this must come from your
imagination or pictures of other karts. CAD software only allows you to
quickly get a 3d representation of the kart. 3d lifesize people can be
placed into the 3d drawing - getting the size and free space required. If
the driver space is too small - then CAD can update the entire kart

Best of Luck,

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, matt s wrote:

> I was wondering if you could give me some info regarding how to use CAD
> software to design a go cart.
> Thank you, Matt

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