[Kartbuilding] school project.

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 18:47:54 IST 2006

Hi Gino,

My first piece of advice is NOT to use a lawnmower engine. In the
short-term it may seem easier and cheaper - BUT it is VERY difficult to
get working. I suggest you find a scooter/moped and adapt it for a kart.
You should be able to find a crashed/damaged scooter/moped and get its
working engine. Fail that get an "generator engine" or ANY engine with a
HORIZONTAL drive axle.

As for type of kart - the traditional is the "ladder" type - which wings
can be added on for apperance etc. Simply get some chalk and draw out on
the ground, the shape of the chassis. Cut the lengths of tubing (square is
cheaper and easier) and place over the chalk fullsize drawing. Get someone
to weld the chassis/tubing for you (will only take 20 minutes of welding).

The first things to do - are get 4 wheels and an engine. Without them you
dont have a kart. Get wheels which have a steel inside. Cause the rear
ones will have to be welded/bolted to the rear axle.

Best of Luck,

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Gino G wrote:

> Hi. My name is Gino and im 16 years old interested in engineering. I am
> contacting you because i have a big project for my school called a personal
> project and i have decided to build my own go-kart. I have no engineering
> experience but i know where i can get some help. Seeing that you have
> experience, I would like your advice on the type of kart i should build and
> with what type of engine. I was thinking of a lawnmower engine because i
> think it is the probably the easiest engine to use. I am on a very low
> budget and would like to do this the cheapest way possible. Also, i am not
> looking for a lot of power but just enough to get my kart moving. So if you
> have the time i would really appreciate if you can write back with your
> opinion/suggestion i would really apreciate it. You can also contact me on
> my hotmail address, mr_giliati at hotmail.com, but i keep my gmail account for
> more serious emails.
> Thank you for your time
>             Gino G.

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