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I didnt have access to a lathe when I was making my karts - so yes - it is
possible to make the kart without a lathe.
For the stub axles - I simply welded a diameter 20mm (3/4") solid bar to
the king pin pivot (or U shape piece). I used wheels which already had a
hub (wheelbarrow wheels) and all it required was a solid bar for mounting
and to allow it to spin freely on. - If you take a look at:
http://www.kartbuilding.net/racingkart/pdf/Drg_04_Stub_Axles.pdf (note
the racing kart plans may have a different camber/ castor angle)
There were bearings on the front stub axles of the racing kart - because I
got the bearings and stub axles off an old racing kart - I just sawed them
off and re-welded onto my U shape king-pin pivot piece.

The castor angles are only a rough guide. I didnt even bother with a
Castor angle on my racing kart, and the steering went fine.
In my opinion - put a slight camber angle - 5degrees etc. and go with
that. I had to change mine several times - either with a vise and big
sledge hammer - or an angle grinder to cut off the stub axle and re-weld
it back on.
You could try it - just welding the stub axle perpendicular if you want,
and re-adjust if required.

As for diameter wheels - the wheel barrow wheels were 17" or 420mm
diameter. The racing kart wheels were 12" or 300mm.

If you have further questions - please assign them to which kart you are
using - racing kart or off-road/general purpose kart.

Best of Luck,

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>> Hello Stephen Burke,
>> I am currently building the kart from your plans.  I was wondering if there
>> was another way to build the stub axles without a lathe.  As well, from the
>> link on The King Pins page, it seems that the castor and camber angles were
>> different from the ones previously described in the plans, although I may
>> have misread it.  The hub on the stub axles - did you build that yourself,
>> or buy it?  Are the bearings to go between the hub piece and the stub axle?
>> How is the hub and mounted wheel secured to the stub axle?  Are there
>> bearings between the front wheels and the stub axles?  Is the stub axle at
>> an angle when it is welded to the yoke, or is it perpendicular?  I may have
>> access to a lathe in the near future.  What diameter wheels and tires did
>> you use?  This is all for now but I will likely have other questions in the
>> future.  Thank-you for your time.
>> -Duncan Farthing-Nichol

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