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Fri Oct 6 19:12:41 IST 2006

Depending on the engine you have, it may be very difficult to have it
speeding up and slowing down.
What you will have to do is to look at the carburatter. This is ususally
attahched to the air filter. The air filter may have to come off and you
should be able to get a look at the carburratter underneath. You will have
to find a flap/ valve that allows in the petrol vapour. This flat/ valve
is usually pivoted on a small axle/ bar and can rotate on it, either
opening up or closing itself off. There may be a small lever that can be
operated via a small cable off a bycycle etc. that you can connect up to
move this lever. Fail that do a search on the internet for the make and
model of your engine and find out more about the engine.
Best of Luck

> Hi im adam ive been checking out your site for a few days now i find it
> very
> useful / good to look at.
> I was wondering, because i cant get sense out of anyone elsewhere. Can you
> help me:
> I can use either a lawnmower engine (vertical) or Shredder (horizontal)
> engine for a kart i'm buiding and im not sure how to set it up with pedals
> like
> Accelerator etc and how to keep the engine ticking over while the kart is
> stopped. I am only 14 if i sound dumb but im making the kart with my
> friend and my
> dad and neither have any idea about engines - i have a rough idea but im
> no
> mechanic :D  I just want to know if you have any idea or what i'd need to
> get the
> Engine to go when i press a pedal , not all the time.
> Thankyou very much we can't wait to hear from you!

Yes, do send on more photos of your karts, and I will put them on my
website :-)
I done the exact same with the diff myself on my earlier karts. If will
work fairly ok with a solid rear axle for your future builds. The steering
needs to be ok however for the solid rear axle to work fully.
You will have loads more fun with your new engine.
Keep up the good kartbuilding.
Best of Luck
Send on them photos if you can.

> Hi, I'm from Belgium and I made a kart of my own too. This is my second
> one (the first one I build myself) and it has got a Sachs 50cc 2stroke
> engine with an automatic transmission (2gears) . It went around 50km/h.
> The brakepump is from a carclutch and the brakeclaw itself is also from a
> car. The rear axle comes from a lawn mower=>this was very handy with the
> differential. The tires are also from the lawn mower wich i "found" on a
> dump. the front tires are one of the few things i bought. I found the
> steeringwheel. I made the chair myself!!! (I'm so proud of that :-D)
> I'm going to rebuild this kart and I already bought a 125cc 2stroke
> engine, it' s a Minsk 125cc air cooled (one like your 100cc)
> Now I'm going to use a full rear axle because I don't think my
> differential will be strong enough. Finally I'll be able to shift.
> I hope you like this mail + pictures!? If you want more pictures of the
> making of this kart i'll scan them and send them to you.
> If you send me an e-mail back please do that at fredje_mortier at hotmail.com
> Cheeerzzz

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