[Kartbuilding] Fwd: drawing request

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:12:14 IST 2006

Hi Lads,

You can work away with the plans of the racing kart which I have modelled.
Here is the Info:

The racing kart was originally modelled in Autodesk Inventor. I exported
it from this program to SolidWorks, and also as a 3Ds (3d studio file).
The links are as follows:


The kart in Solidworks as above will be in surfaces however and you may
not be able to get the components working nicely as a mechanism.

In Autodesk Inventor I tried mating the steering arms and track rods
correctly, however it proved very very difficult. I would be most
interested in seeing yourselves attempt this.

If you require the Autodesk Inventor Files of the racing kart - drop me an
email and I will get the originals - however it was version 5.3 of
Inventor in which they were drawn in.

I have looked at NX and it seems a very powerful package. I myself have
progressed on from Inventor to SolidWorks and Pro-E Wildfire which are
excellent easy to use packages.

If you use the above models - I would be very interested in recieving a
copy of your project.

Best of Luck - if you need the Inventor files - let me know.

On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Steve Vermeulen wrote:

> Dear Stephen Burke,
> We're 2 students from Belgium studying Master of Mechanics on the academy of
> Ghent. We have to make a project for the subject CAD-application. We have to
> make a moving mechanism design, using a CAD-program, preferably I-DEAS NX.We're
> making an mechanism design of the steering of a kart.
> While surfing the net, we noticed your site and having Solidworks
> drawingsof a kart. Our question is of we can use your drawings for our
> mechanism
> design. Can you send us your drawings of the kart. We will make a moving
> version of it. Naturally you will receive our project once it is finished so
> you can use it for your website.
> Is it possibly to anwser our mail, even if your reply is negative.
> yours sincerely,
> Vermeulen Steve
> Schauwbrouck Xavier

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