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I havn't attempted to make a 3 wheeler myself. I have seen it done
using the front end of a motorbike. As you are using the front end off
an old 3 wheeler - you should be fine.
As for hubs, well if you knew someone working in an engineering firm,
you could get one made.
Either that, or go through the internet looking for one to suit your
existing front end.

1 thing I will say - you will need a differential on the rear axle,
i.e. both wheels cannot be attached directly to a solid rear axle -
otherwise it would not go around corners.
Best of Luck,

> Hi,
>      I am atempting to make a three wheeled gocart and i was wondering if
> you had any sugestions for making a hubs for the front wheel?
> I am using the whole front end off of an old three wheeler.
> Thank you for your time.
> Mitch

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