[Kartbuilding] Fwd: I need some pointers on my kart!

Stephen Burke kartbuilding at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 19:22:22 IST 2006

Hi Nick,
You can go straight from a clutch on the engine to a rear axle. You
need to think of gear ratio however - and this is where the number of
teeth come into things.

E.g. 10 teeth on the clutch/ engine and 50 teeth on the rear axle = ratio of 5:1
If your engine does 3000 rpm = your rear axle = 600 rpm

Basically - if you put more teeth on the clutch/ engine then the
faster you will go HOWEVER with LESS power and POOR acceleration.
If you put fewer teeth on the engine you will have LOADS of power and
LOTS ot acceleration but poor top speed.
The problem is getting the optium and this can only be gotten by trial
and error. Buy a few sprockets and test them out.

As for clutches - look them up on the internet. You should be able to
get one to suit your engine stats.
BEst of Luck

> Hello,
>     I am currently rebuilding a 2 seater kart with a 5hp briggs fun power
> (136212) and I need some help with the clutch -chain- jackshaft setup if you
> can?
> The pulley on the Jackshaft has 10 teeth and i am thinking of eliminating
> the jackshaft completely and going clutch to axle, but i am having a hard
> time finding any info on this.
> Will this give me more or less power?  I am going to buy new chain and
> clutch anyway so can you tell me what would be my best bet for this??? I am
> at a loss when it comes to chain #35 or chain # 41?  What is this? What do i
> need and as far as the teeth on the clutch, what would happen if I go up to
> 12teeth instead of ten? How would this affect performance? Can you give me
> any pointers or help with these things? Just looking for a basic rundown.
> I'm guessing goin up to 12 teeth is going to be more top end speed is this
> correct? Please give me some help with the numbers and chains and stuff if
> you can please.
> Thank You for your time, i really appreciate it!
> Nick

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